Sunday, August 15, 2010

i'm gonna miss you

my family and i woke up at 1.20 a.m today to send mr. zawir to klia airport. he is in indonesia right now. just now he text my mom. he said that indonesia is a very nice place. that is his first expression when got out of the airplanes.

back to the topic. i didn't take my bath at all as i've take my bath at 9 o' clock (yeahh, i love to take my bath at night :D). i ironed my clothes and i wore them asap. i stole my sister's socks and i wore my sneakers. daddy drove at the speed off 110 km/hour. it's quite slow because there's a-lot-of lorries at the highway AND mat rempit too.

i can't sleep because my sister used her fragrance too much. my brother and i totally couldn't stand the smell. we arrived the airport around 3.40 a.m. we went to mcd and bought gcbs for sahur !(yippie, that is my second gcb !) when we reached the airport, zawir's friends had already there ( around 7 person).

bye, bye readers !