Tuesday, August 3, 2010

adventure 1

got something to tell ya ! i became a trial prefect.
hee~. eyoooooooooooo baby let's go (haha. dynamite - taio cruz). 
i'm hoping to be the real one asap.
ok, i guarded in front of the living skills workshop.
it's quite tiring. 

ya know what ? people were looking at my nametag.
it's written there "pengawas percubaan" and it is red, OK ? *sigh
yeahh, i know why that nametag is red in colour.
to make mr. thinaharan recognise the trial prefect from far easily, right ? 
btw, puteri and i are in group 3. shazriena is in group 4.
hey hey that's the end of my story.
thanks for reading !