Saturday, September 11, 2010

mix and match

comel kan ?? i wish i have one for myself :)

hey hey. i haven't complete most of my homework and i got a plan. i'll finish half of my homework TODAY, which are mathematics and also living skills (ainul, let's calling-calling, OK ??)  ting ! ting ! ting ! (it's not the sound of coins, OK ? it's the sound of my fart. HAHA. gotcha !!)

btw, to friends who doesn't received my raya greetings sms, sorry (maybe i don't have your number or i forgot 'bout it.) SORRY SORRY. so, happy holiday and happy eid fitri. sincerely from me :D

i'm thinking of MONTH WITHOUT SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE project (i'm very sure that i can do this.) so, i'm officially release this project on 20th of september 2010 (i'm serious !!!)
bye bye.