Sunday, October 3, 2010

calls and calls and calls

first of all, i wanna say this is a true story. the crazy one. shera called me yesterday evening for about 6 times. i did not realised that she called me because my phone was in silent mode. HAHA. *do not silent your phone.

today, she called me. i answered her call and said i'll not go to johor bahru because my mum didn't allow me to. she said ok  :)

mazeha called me using sorts of number. i heard my ringtone but i ignored it as i thought it is from the computer. *i was playing laptop at that moment. she called me for like 6 times. at last, i heard something. it is my ringtone. i went to my room, picked up the phone and answered her call. she wanted to have shera's number. i asked her to call me later as i don't have any credit to call her back. i gave shera's number to her. she asked me whether i go to johor bahru or not. i said no as my mum did not allow me to.