Tuesday, October 5, 2010

template tutorials for miss hazraz (NOT YOU)

1. log in to your blogger account.
2. go to dashboard.
3. click design.
4. go to template designer.
5. choose which type of template that you want.
6. click background. you can choose what background that you want from the given pictures or upload a picture.
7. click layout if you wanna adjust the body layout, width of your blog, etc.
8. THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT. advanced. you can change the font of your blog and everything.
9. wanna change the credit ?
go to edit html. find the below thing and change the name of the template (if you want), designer(put your name) and URL(your blog URL).
           Blogger Template Style
           Name: Ring the Pink
           Designer: SaRa Elizabeth Hudson
           URL: www.storyofminimok.blogspot.com
           ----------------------------------------------- */

DONE !!!!

p/s: if you don't understand, ask me :)