Friday, December 17, 2010


The title of my post today, have nothing to do with the post AT ALL. Today, Mama will be back from Kajang after having 5 days marking course. Ohhhh, I'm craving for her chicken curry. Yummy !

Day before yesterday, I dreamt about my phone. I was playing with the front clam of my phone. Suddenly, the phone broke. "AAAAAAAAAAAAA !" I shouted in my dream. The dream is quite short. Probably, it is the shortest dream that I ever had :)

Yesterday, Akbar Sepet's blog was closed. Then, he changed the background of his blog, wrote a post and OPENED it back. Yay ! He said to me that his blog is ugly. I said to him back It doesn't matter whether the blog is ugly or beautiful. The most  important is the story inside of it, right ?

Yesterday, I played games a lot and downloaded many games. Most of it DIDN'T WORK !! I wanted to give the URL of the game that I've downloaded.
This thing worked. Thanks for the guy who contributed this game in Pirate Bay !

Okay, last thing that I forgot to say : GOOD MORNING !