Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shocking News

Hello. There are many shocking news today. The bad one & the good one. I'm sure all of you have heard and see for yourself about one of the good news. So, I would like to tell you the bad one first. My cousin's grandfather is dead. He died around twelve something o' clock last night. Unfortunately, my dad decided not to go to Kedah due to not enough time. The journey to Kedah took 6 hours for the speed of 140km/hour. If it's jammed, probably it will took 7 to 8 hours. It's quite tiring.

You've read the bad one. Now read the good one.

I made a new Facebook account XD : Nur' Aliah Sakinah  This is the private one. Friend request from people that are not very close to me will be rejected forever. This account is open to real-life friends, bestfriends & close friends. I can decide to befriend of whoever I want in this account. So, if I don't accept your friend request, don't say anything. SORRY, that means you are not my real-life friend.

Congratulations to Malaysia for defeating Indonesia in AFF Suzuki Cup. Seriously, you made us proud and happy ! To all Malaysian, tomorrow is a public holiday as a gift for all of you. Woohoo ! Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. OMG ! I'm so excited :O Can't wait, can't wait ! Anyway, Happy Last 2010's Thursday ! <-- Created by me. HAHA.

Okay, goodbye. You know what ? I thought today is the New Year Eve as I thought that December only have 30 days. HAHA. <-- I didn't see the 2010 calender lately because I'm so excited of 2011 !