Friday, January 7, 2011

5 Days of School

Long time no see ! HAHA. I've been very busy lately. Reason ? SCHOOL OF COURSE.

I started my first day of being a prefect in school. I do think it was and is a lot of fun. I came to school on 6.30 in the early morning. I went to the canteen and saw Beeha, Mazeha, Atiqah Razak and other girls (Sorry, I can't remember all of you). Later, Hazraz, Illi came. Shazriena came a few minutes later. I shoke her hand and hug her. HAHA. I missed her a lot.
. . . . .  . . .

Everyone in my class, 3 KAA is amazed since 3/4 of pupils in my class are prefects and librarian. HAHA. Green and blue. Oh, my first form teacher is Puan Norsyidah. The second one, I don't know. Our class monitor is Fahda Raihan while the assistant monitor is Fazri. Weird, huh ? Guys can't handle class monitor job. They are lazy. On that day, a teacher told us that Puan Suleha, our Malay Language teacher is having her labour holiday. Yeah, then I thought, who will be teaching us for 2 months  ? OMG !