Thursday, January 20, 2011



I got tons of Malay language homework to do. Last Tuesday, I got a table of homework list that I have to do every week. Thanks God as I've done the January one. Right now, I'm working on the February work. Hooray ! I also have History work, the module and the note book. RAWRR !

I woke up at 7 o'clock today. Something like that. *After snooooozing my alarm clock few times. I jumped out of my bed, washed my face, gargled and settle my homework ! Ahh, I didn't mention about bath, right ? I haven't take my bath yet. SHHHHH !

Okay, my kitten is playing with th USB wire. Tato is insane, Tato is insane :P He loves to scratch my leg. That's what kitty do. Oh, Tato ! Can you shut  up for like a minute ? Okay, thank you, you fat cat ! Yeah, he's obsessed with moving things.

I ate nasi lemak for breakfast today. I gotta go to school today to beautify my class & silat lesson.