Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hello friends ! Today, i didn't go to school as I am sick. Right now, I'm just okay.

It was raining heavily this morning. I was sick at that time. Momma came into my room. "Hey, you don't wanna go to school ? It's already 6 o'clock, she said to me. I felt very cold at that time. "I don't wanna go to school. I'm sick," I replied. So momma closed my window as it was going to rain. I just keep on sleeping. Momma leave my room and go to school by her own.

You wanna know the reason why I was sick ? The story is like this --> I came back from my tuition on the evening. It is going to rain. I thought that it was not going to rain. So, I sit down doing my Mathematics homework. As I finished a question, the rain started to fall on the ground and I said "OMG, OMG. Momma, momma." I took my school bag and ran to the bus stop.


Few minutes later, my father came. Farra Azerra told me that my dad came. Unfortunately, my dad entered the school compound. I waved at him but he didn't saw me. I saw him waiting for me inside the school compound. It was raining cats and dogs. I said "How to get to my dad's car ?" I just sat down and wait until the rain stops. 

OH MY GODD ! The rain became heavier and heavier ! Okay, maybe I should just ran into the school compound. Then, I ran. I put my handkerchief on my head. The wind blowed my handkerchief. It fell on the ground that was full of water. Yes, it was wet !!!!! I took it. I ran straight to my dad's car. I entered the and cried as it was freezing cold and I had to run in the rain. That was my unforgettable moments of 2011 :)