Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Daddy 's Day

Nothing. I slept at 2.30 am last night. Doing Mathematics as I can't sleep. I woke up at 8.00 am. I didn't switch off my radio. So, it just kept playing and playing songs. Fly fm. Wahahaaa.

Happy Father's Day. Daddy, I love you a lot.
  • When I'm busy, you always iron my clothes and make sure everything is in good condition
  • When I'm too relax, you ask me to study
  • When I'm hungry, you make me Maggi noodles or go and buy food even if it's already midnight and you are sleepy.
  • You always pick me up at school at the right time except when my class is cancelled. 
  • When you wanna go out, you always ask me  "Do you want anything, Aliah ? ". 
  • Whenever I'm sick, you always take care of me. You do everything to make me happy. 
  • You made me a swing at the mango tree. I used to play there but now that tree is gone :(
  • You always ride a bicycle with me around our housing area in the evening.
  • You follow me everywhere that I go, ask me whether I'm alright or not.
  • You make me feel special every day, hour, minute and seconds.
  • You always try to make me feel safe and secure.
  • You always angry with me whenever I do something wrong, tell me what is my mistakes and advice me to change.
  • You teach me how to crawl, walk and run.
  • You nourish me with love and care.

Dad, we are going to move soon. I hope all of our family members will gain new spirit and new knowledge there. Dad, thanks for everything.You have been a great dad for 23 years.  I love you :)