Tuesday, November 16, 2010


WHOA. School is over ! *big lie. Actually, I don't wanna come to school on Thursday and Friday ! Yeah, the principal said that the upper form must come to school :P That means the lower form don't have to, right ? *Twink twink ! Many of my friends don't wanna come to school on Friday including ME. *proud

Tomorrow is Raya Haji. So, Happy Raya lah :) Lodeh, ketupat, rendang come here, here, here ! Hip hip HORRAY ! OMChappy ! My cousins and uncle will come to my house from Batu Pahat. Yahoo ! This Raya Haji is gonna be boring. I wanna go back to Alor Setar, Kedah but Mama is quite busy with school. :(

By the way, I'm in 3 KAA next year. 8A's 1c. I got number 4. It's okay. Better try hard next year. I got my form 3 textbooks yesterday. They are all new. Woohoo ! I'll ask my sister to wrap it for me :) Dream on ! She'll not wrap the books for me. She'll say "Wrap the books yourself" :P I read History last night about Japan, Mikado -------, Asia for Asia slogan etc. Kind of fun you know to see the pictures of the Japanese soldiers. HAHA.

Okay, let's talk about friends. Farahin Zaidi was admitted to the hospital due to stomach ache. Syairah is happy with her new guy. I'm happy for you ! :) Shazriena, I'm gonna miss you :'( Nabihah Bakeri is getting crazier. She asked me to go to Tg. Rambutan with her. OMEGADD. Seriously, she's out of control. She lost her mind almost everyday. So, I've made a Crazy People List.

In Facebook today, WE (Atiqah, Syairah,Rusyaidi, Nabihah & Me) talk about Frog Soup. Nabihah said that Frog Soup is DELICIOUS. Ewww xP I said that the Frog Soup is YUMMY. Nabihah is insane. So am I xD I also organised a camp called FROG CAMP 2010. HAHA. Many people joined that camp !

That's all for today. See you guys happily in the next post (4 days more, I guess.)