Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Still Wish You the Best, Justin Bieber !

I got Justin Bieber My Worlds The Collection xD OMJustin ! *Cheeky :P
I'm not a Belieber but I support Justin Bieber.

Track List Disc 1/2:

01. One Time (Acoustic Version)
02. Baby (Acoustic Version)
03. One Less Lonely Girl (Acoustic Version)
04. Down To Earth (Acoustic Version)
05. U Smile (Acoustic Version)
06. Stuck In The Moment (Acoustic Version)
07. Favorite Girl (Live)
08. That Should Be Me (Acoustic Version)
09. Never Say Never (Acoustic Version)
10. Pray
11. Somebody To Love (Remix) feat. Usher
12. Never Say Never feat. Jaden Smith (Single Version)
13. Somebody To Love (J-Stax Remix)

Track List Disc 2/2: 

01. One Time (Album Version)
02. Favorite Girl
03. Down To Earth
04. Bigger
05. One Less Lonely Girl
06. First Dance feat. Usher
07. Love Me
08. Common Denominator
09. Baby feat. Ludacris
10. Somebody To Love
11. Stuck In The Moment
12. U Smile
13. Runaway Love
14. Never Let You Go
15. Overboard feat. Jessica Jarrell
16. Eenie Meenie feat. Sean Kingston
17. Up
18. That Should Be Me

Compared with the previous version - this one contains more tracks ! 

I should say that almost all of his album and single cover show that he is so STRESS.

He perfomed Pray on America's Music Award last Sunday. "I close my eyes and pray."