Monday, November 22, 2010

You Are So GAY

Hello my vampires friends. How are you today ? I'm pretty sad. C.W. Lee lose in Single Badminton Game :( Dengg ! Lin Dan is crazy. He threw his shirt & shoes to his fans. Crazy people are always like that. Whatever it is, congratulations to Nicole Ann David & Azlan Iskandar of giving two gold medals for Malaysia. <3

In four years time, I don't think Lee Chong Wei still can participate in any games anymore. He's getting old. I think Malaysia have to find another badminton player to replace him. He's 28 years young for this year. *Biting my fingers. OMEGADDDD.

5 GOLDS, 8 SILVER AND 7 BRONZE. Currently, MALAYSIA is at number 10. BETTER than last Friday, number 13.

The post's title refers to Lin Dan :P