Sunday, December 12, 2010

Astronaut !

Hello, hillo, hullo ! I just want you guys know me as SaRa. Okay, long name : SaRa Elizabeth Hudson. I'm fourteen but my attitude doesn't reflects that xD I love music & movies (M&m). I adore Katy Perry (Katheryn Hudson). That's why my name is like that ! HAHA. Ahaaa. I'm from Malaysia. Specificly, Tangkak, Johore.

I love to laugh and make fun of people when they are talking to me. Example ? No need. You'll know by yourself either sooner or later. Texting is not my hobby. I'm more to Internet. I have a handphone but I use it rarely. Like 3 days in a week. HAHAHA. I love Milky Way. I wish I could go over there and see the stars :)

Last thing that is in my mind right now, BYE-BYE !