Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Everyone got their own wishlist right ? I got mine too. Wanna know what I really really want ? 


iPad 2
I saw the iPad 2 frame last month at a website. Actually, my brother showed me that iPad frame and I was like baby, baby, baby, noooooo WOW ! This is cool. Well, the romours said that the new iPad will be more thinner and cheaper than the old one. I hope momma will buy this thing for me on my birthday *USING MY BIRTHDAY TO GET SOMETHING. HAHA*

Nice and cosy room like this :

Cute, right ? I love the combination of the colour. The thing that I don't like in the above picture is the bookcase which is above the bed. I can't imagine if the books fall onto the someone who is sleeping at the moment. Quite dangerous. Yes, I'm getting in love with Eiffel Tower.

DSLR camera

Momma promised me to buy DSLR. Weeeheee. I hope that she will fulfill her promise :) I want to have Canon 550D since I'll be the entry-level photographer. In my opinion, 500D is good too. I have to forget about 60D as I don't have any experience in photography. I need to start using standard lens first. The cheapest one. HAHAA. It seems like Farahin, Naqia and Fiqah Rafieya need to help me when I get the DSLR camera.

Well, I'm looking at this thing