Saturday, April 23, 2011

Heart On My Sleeve

Hello Saturday. I love you so much. My homework is almost done. I'm so happy right now as I'm not so interested in Facebook anymore. Way to go Miss A :D

As you guys know, today is a school day. Seriously, I'm so exhausted yet hungry. Hunger affects my studies. I can't focus when I'm hungry. Talking about focus, something scared me. I can't focus during Science period. Something was wrong, somewhere.

I never had a better sleep since Test 2. I'm so worried about my marks. Wondering what will happen on May :O I have no idea about what will happen in my mid-year examination. Well, I scored straight A's again. Thanks Allah.  I'm happy but not satisfied yet. I gotta do something to make my marks higher. NO FACEBOOK. NO FACEBOOK. I urge myself about NO FACEBOOK campaign. Okay, bye. Gotta go.