Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Dream

Last Saturday, I dreamed about you and her. I don't know why suddenly you appear like .. for the first time in my dream.

The story begins when I saw you and her dating in front of the living skills workshop. I walked from the musolla and stopped when I saw both of you. I began to think "Should I tell you about my feelings towards you now ? You are having a date with her and I shouldn't ruin your lovely date." Then, I made up my mind. "I should tell you. NOW OR NEVER !" my heart said. I walked to you. I expressed my feelings. Your girlfriend looks pretty mad at me as I have already ruin your date. Unfortunately, you told me that you don't even love me. I started to cry and ran away. I don't even wanna see your face at that time. I shouldn't tell you the real thing. Seriously, it is a big mistake.

I woke up with an enormous question mark in my head like 'what the hell is wrong with me ?'. He belongs to another girl right now and I'M HAPPY FOR THAT. I don't love him anymore and I don't regret my last year decision. I made up my mind that I'll never ever fell in love with him again. Now, when I think about it over over again, I said to myself "He's good but he's not good enough for me."