Friday, June 10, 2011

Every single day I do the same activities. Wake up late like nobody cares. Some people care actually. I need to make myself ready for school. I'm not ready though. I not ready to meet my examination marks. I'm still wondering. How can I be the best ? How can I remove unwanted pieces from my life ? Why I hate Selena Gomez so much ? I don't even like Justin Bieber. I just keep on hating people with no exact reason. And that's what happen to you. You don't have to know who's the "you" I'm talking about. Just don't ask and I don't tell you. Simple.

It seems that my life doesn't appear to be a real life. Waking up late. Didn't take my bath until dad's face becomes red. I'm sick of holiday but I'm sick of school too. Well, sometimes. Hell no. I love school. Inhaling and exhaling the school air is different. The oxygen content there is different. Lesser than my house compound, maybe ? But I love school more. I breathe using carbon dioxide probably. Ah, forget it. I know you can't even understand me right now.

I really really need a long break. I mean vacation. Staying at home and do nothing is one thing that I cannot stand.