Sunday, June 12, 2011

School Is In

Hello. Hello. Hello. Since the school is in, I got no time to rest. Hmm. Gonna be more tired after this. The big test is around 3 months away. I should get ready during this holiday but unfortunately the Internet, specifically Facebook and Tumblr distract me. Distract me to do something that is out of the range - play&type a lot. I'm weird of my fingers. When I play Facebook, my hands didn't ache at all but when I do some house chores my hands ache faster. My hands got work that he likes probably. Okay, leave this matter and move forward to what I wanna say next.

I can't wait for my mid year results. You too, right  ? I really wanna see what's my parents reaction when they know that my results is not shocking at all - gonna get a few free slaps, I bet. Close my eyes and pray. I know you don't wanna read my blog because you don't even get what I'm trying to say over here. I'm like talking to the wall. A blog is like a wall. Fair enough ? No  ? Okay, shut up. I've been pondering for like trillion times about what I'm gonna be in the future. Future scares me. Future ignites me - sometimes it doesn't all at. Future makes me keep thinking of how can I achieve what I want. How can I survive in this challenging world. How can I be with someone that I hate. Who is my next future best friend. I have to think for every single question that popped out on my mind. Think, Aliah. Think. Yes, I think big and that's what I always do.

There must be something that God creates just for you :)